History & Milestones :
Xebec Healthcare Ltd. is health care equipments service provider founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year of 2014 named Xebec Bangladesh. In 2019 the company name has been changed to Xebec Healthcare Ltd.
Office Address:
Bishal Center,216(Old) Outer Circular Road, Boro Moghbazar,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
WEB: www.xebechealth.com
Our Business:
In our company we are covering many fields in Medical and Diagnostic Equipment, Mobility Care products. In our business we are depending on our skilled and Professional staff because we believe that they are the foundation of everything we do.
Distribution & Marketing
Xebec Healthcare Ltd. provides its products via direct sales offices.
Our office located in Moghbazer, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Xebec Healthcare Ltd. works closely with each of its branches in identifying customer needs and providing optimal service and support to the ultimate user of the product.
The Company’s Regional sales and marketing activities are coordinated from the Corporate Headquarters.
Xebec Customers
Xebec Healthcare Ltd. promote and sales all private hospitals, medical centers, clinics, Private Laboratories, Doctor’s specialty clinics, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies and Physiotherapy centers and targets governmental and public hospitals, in addition to the other Healthcare facilities and here in Bangladesh


  • Buret Set, Paedia-line
  • Ecobuvenn Burette Set
  • Blood Bag- Single
  • Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves
  • Urine Drainage Bag
  • Microporous Surgical Tape
  • Latex Foley catheter 2 Way
  • Medisponge- Bandage
  • Agma Cast 3”- Orthopedic Casting tape(Fiberglass)
  • Agma Cast 4” -Orthopedic Casting tape(Fiberglass)
  • Agma Cast 5” -Orthopedic Casting tape(Fiberglass)
  • Plaster Of Paris (POP) Bandage
  • Plaster Of Paris (POP) Bandage
  • Uro Measure
  • 3-Way Stop Cock